Gold mining not for under 18 years

Gold miners in Bondo sub-county have warned that they would not allow anybody below the age of 18 years to engage in the mining activities.

Led by their chairman Mr. Odhiambo Odari, the gold miners stated that they had learnt that some children were dropping out of school to join the gold mining industry.

He stated that many children had developed a tendency of hiding at the gold mines after dropping out of school and warned that this would not be allowed to continue whatsoever.

Mr. Odari, who spoke to KNA, revealed that they planned to mount a crackdown to ensure that no child engaged in gold mining activities.

The chairman stated that they would arrest such children and ensure that they were all returned to school.

He added that as gold miners, they advocated for the protection of the children’s rights, noting that they would not condone cases of child labour, early marriages and other sexual molestations against school age children.

Source: Kenya News Agency