Glut in mangos force traders to reduce prices

Fruit vendors in Nyahururu have jammed their stalls with mangoes as most of them dashed to cash in on the seasonal fruit.

Most stalls are filled with mangoes, causing the traders to sell the commodity at throw-away price to the joy of consumers.

Traders attributed the abundance to availability as farmers flocked the market to deliver their perishable goods.

Mangoes are in season and there is a glut in the market. We are selling mangoes at Shs.5 per piece. We also fear losing out as the warm weather reduces their shelf-life, said Joseph Kamau, adding that once the mangoes are off season, the traders will start selling pears that characterize the market in April.

It was however, not rosy for Eunice Wangui, who decried low sales as customers opted for other fruits that were out of season.

The mangoes that took me,at most,two days to sell are taking longer this year due to the low sales that we are experiencing, said Wangui, who attributed it to hard economic times that forced residents to only purchase necessities.

Water Melons that the traders sourced as far as Bura irrigation scheme in Tana River, also dominated the market, complimenting the locally grown Thorn and Pepino Melons.

Melon grows all year round and their supply depends on how the farmers have grown their fruits. When the supply of melon is high we sell them at Sh. 30 per kg but currently we are selling them at shs. 35, said Patrick Maina a business man at the market.

Oranges are currently off season and only a few traders are able to get the locally grown oranges for consumers that they sold for Shs.10 a piece translating to Shs.35 a kilogramme.

When oranges are off season they are usually bitter which forces me to sell them at a low price as few people are willing to buy a bitter fruit, said Kamau Wangui a fruit vendor.

The locally grown Plums were also in plenty at the market, with a kilogram going for Shs. 50.

Source: Kenya News Agency