Gloria Muliro Has My Love, Says Ex-Husband

Award-winning gospel singer Gloria Muliro’s ex-husband, Pastor Eric Omba, has dismissed rumours that he is set to take in another wife, eights months after their controversial split.

Omba – who doubles up as the video editor at Spotlight Media – has linked the media reports to his “haters” but has decided to tell them off. He says as a true Christian, God doesn’t allow him to marry twice.

“Get this from me. Marriage is a secret institution that God himself established and He is jealous with it. We marry once (and) for all. There is no second marriage as a true Christian. For those who think marriage is like changing cloths, I am not blaming them, because they are not saved and they don’t know Biblical principles,” he said on a Facebook post.

Omba said he loved the singer so much that there was no love left in him for another woman after she left.

“I will never do another wedding… My first lover has taken all my love. Otherwise, people should stop speculating and spreading rumours especially some bloggers whom I don’t even know and I have never met them, sharing my life,” he added.