Give looters amnesty to return stolen public resources, government told

Ahadi Kenya Trust Executive Director Dr. Stanley Kamau has asked the government to grant amnesty to those who have stolen public resources to enable them surrender looted property.

Dr. Kamau said those who are yet to be nabbed should be given time to voluntarily return what they have stolen from public observing that the move will ensure government gets back lost resources.

The amnesty, Dr. Kamau noted will help the government recover millions of shillings among other property which have been looted by public servants.

Corrupt scandals in this country are numerous and it means a lot of public property has gone into individuals’ possession and I propose for issuance of amnesty of three months so as those who have corruptly obtained public resources to return to the government, said the anti-jigger campaigner on Sunday during a service in a Murang’a church.

Dr. Kamau observed that if stolen property can be reverted, the government will have a lot of resources to implement stalled projects and improve service delivery.

Corruption does only mean embezzling public funds but some greedy individuals have grabbed public land leaving some institutions suffering for lack of land. Some schools and churches have lost land after people encroached their compounds, stated Kamau.

Kenyans, he noted should be keen not to elect corrupt individuals in future elections saying the vice has been perpetuated by putting into office corrupt leaders.

If people make decisions without influence of their ethnicity, this country can get rid of corrupt leaders who have been bribing their way into leadership, he remarked.

Kamau who have been championing fight against jigger menace in the country, observed that poverty has been exacerbated by corruption.

People at grassroots have not been getting services as funds allocated for provision of key services have been stolen by greedy individuals, he added.

He urged churches to be in frontline in fight against corruption by refusing contributions from people suspected to have amassed their wealth through corrupt deals.

Some corrupt individuals are hiding in churches where they make huge contributions and it’s my appeal for church leaders to vet people making contributions to support various church projects, he told congregation of Gospel Worship Centre in Murang’a.

Source: Kenya News Agency