Girls school in Tharaka Nithi losing students due to water shortage.

Students are quitting a secondary boarding schools in Tharaka Nithi County following due to acute water shortages.

Girls at Chiakariga in Tharaka South Sub County have been fetching water from River Maara, 15 kilometers away for laundry purposes and cooking purposes.

Speaking to reporters at the school, the Principal Ms Gladys Mugwi said, the school has been spending a lot of money to fuel the bus which ferries water from the river to the school.

She said sometimes when the support staff in the school is not available, students are forced to accompany the driver to fetch the essential resource thereby wasting a lot of time they would have used to study.

They have been going with the driver to the river and helping him fill the 10 liter jericans before getting back for their lessons, said Ms Mugwi.

The principal noted that for the last one month, many parents have sought transfers for their daughters due to the ongoing shortage.

Parents seeking transfers have told me that they want to take their daughters to schools with adequate water supply, she noted.

We are left with no option than rationing the resource because the river from which we draw has already started drying, she added.

Farms of students studying Agriculture have dried since water being drawn from River Maara only caters for laundry and cooking.

The school has pleaded with the county government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to help them dig boreholes that would provide enough water for its needs.

Governor Muthomi Njuki has promised to ensure that piped water launched at Kathwana market recently is connected to the school to improve the situation that is likely to expose the students to health hazards such as contracting Cholera.

Source: Kenya News Agency