Girls Demand for Cut

Despite spirited efforts by both government and non governmental organisations against female genital mutilation (FGM), the practice has come back in full force in Marakwet East with young girls demanding for the cut.

Wewo sub location assistant chief Richard Kemboi said on Monday night, 11 girls who demanded for the cut were circumcised at Boroko village.

The chief said he invaded the area accompanied by security personnel from Tot police station immediately they were informed of the incident, but were met by armed youths who prevented them from accessing the area.

This allowed the circumcisers and the girls to flee to the forest where the initiation went on, the chief told the press.

He said the minors were being forced to voluntarily undergo the illegal practice due to peer pressure.

While we are doing everything we can to stop the vice, we cannot be everywhere every time unless the people themselves change their attitude towards the practice, he said.

He said apart from young girls, the area had also witnessed cases of married women who escaped the cut going for the same to avoid being treated as outcasts, thus making it hard for the fight against FGM to succeed.

Area deputy county commissioner Stephen Sangolo said security personnel are yet to make any arrests but said all cases were being investigated.

Last week, two sisters aged 14 and 15 were circumcised and later fled to an unknown place.

Police are still looking for the parents, the minors and the circumciser.

Source: Kenya New s Agency