Girls advised to appreciate parents’ efforts

Young girls have been advised to stop chasing old men who are their father’s age as they were endangering their future.

Pastor Ben-Joseph Bwonda, during Sabbath to mark young couples for Tumaini SDA church in Komarock estate, told the girls to respect themselves and socialize with people who could add value to their lives.

Bwomba told young girls to stop being greedy by being contented and appreciative to what their parents or guardians could offer them.

If your parents can take care of you and pay your school fees, clothe you even if they can only buy you two dresses and pay your medical bills, why do you have to go looking for old men who are your father’s age mates? he said.

He said girls should endeavor to be moderate and appreciate whichever background they came from, and hence avoid temptations, which may put them in compromising situations.

It is so unfortunate that a young girl, only 26 years has lost a precious life and that of her innocent baby for chasing sponsor, he said while referring to the late Bondo university student, the late Sharon Otieno, who was brutally murdered and her body found in a thicket after she was abducted while in the company of a Nation reporter last week.

The pastor warned that when men went on a spending spree of world leisure, they could do anything evil for their own reasons. Just imagine stabbing another person eight times. Did they have to do it eight times to someone who was not armed like they were? He posed.

He regretted that despite such sad stories doing rounds in the media, more girls continued to be vulnerable and continued to hang out with old men which he said should come to an end.

Girls go back to the drawing board and those of you that have been living beyond your means, rethink about your safety, he said.

He asked men to concentrate on taking care of their families and stop diverting the family resources to activities that were not Godly. Take care of the families that God has given you so that they do not lack anything, he said.

The Nakuru County based Pastor called on parents to continue praying for their children without relenting, adding Christians should not tire in seeking divine intervention, so that God may guide and bless them in whatever they did.

Pastor Ben-Joseph is in charge of Umoja SDA church in Nakuru and is also a Counselor.

Source: Kenya News Agency