German Firm Helps in Waste Management

THE new Germany business development manager for Africa Renish Omullo has said she will help Kisumu county to solve the waste menace.

Omullo, based in Berlin, Germany, is the first African woman to occupy the position at Celler Brunnenbau GmbH.

The company is among the top 10 German firms working in Africa.

In a statement yesterday, Omullo said she will work with the counties to help them solve waste management challenges.

She urged the counties to seek funds for water and waste management projects.

“I look forward to helping the counties develop proper waste management policies. Solid waste can be used to manufacture manure and biogas,” Omullo said.

She said she will partner with African countries to create solutions for solid waste collection and management.

Omullo said reduction and recycling are sustainable measures in waste management projects.