Gem police arrest suspect for killing brother

Police in Gem sub county Siaya County are holding a suspect who allegedly hacked his brother to death on Wednesday night following a domestic quarrel.

Nicholas Ouma was allegedly hit with a hoe by his 32 year old brother, David Otieno, when he tried to save their mother who was under siege from the suspect.

According to assistant chief, Sarah Ogada, the incident occurred at Yago village in Kambare sub location when the suspect picked a quarrel with his mother over food.

Mrs. Ogada said the suspect had staggered home drunk at around 11 P.M. and woke up her elderly mother, demanding food.

Pleas by the elderly mother that she had nothing to offer him irked the suspect who threatened to beat her up, said the chief, adding that the quarrel attracted the attention of the deceased who intervened to save her mother.

The brothers engaged in a physical fight prompting Otieno to pick a hoe and hit his brother on the head, killing him instantly, said the chief.

The assistant chief said their shocked mother raised an alarm, attracting the villagers who arrived late only to find the suspect had disappeared.

The irate villagers launched a man hunt and found Otieno hiding in a nearby home. He was instantly subjected to a mob justice, but quick action by police saved his life, the administrator explained.

He was taken to Akala police station awaiting to be charged while the body of his brother was removed to Bondo sub-county hospital mortuary.

Source: Kenya News Agency