Garissa governor hits back at opponents

The Garissa Governor, Nathif Jama has answered his opponents who on Sunday accused him of failing to deliver on his election promises, saying that they should concentrate on selling their agenda to the people.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony at Madarasa Najah on Monday, a visibly agitated Nathif accused his opponents of turning his name into a campaign tool.

Yesterday, Senator Yussuf Haji and governorship aspirant Ali Korane blamed the governor for plundering the resources of the county with an administration riddled with corruption.

Nathif scoffed at the accusations and the subsequent endorsement terming it ‘a waste of resources, man hours and inconsequential’.

Some funny groupings were called and the verdict was that I should not be re-elected. People are not elected by a few groups who call themselves whatever names but elected by the masses because of their performances and the good will that exists between them and the people, Nathif said.

He outlined some of his key achievements, including fully equipped hospitals in all the sub-counties and theatres in Balambala and Modogsahe sub-counties.

People living in rural areas are not interested in clan groupings that are being advanced by my competitors. All they want to see are services and these are the perimeters they will use to guide their voting, he added.

Haji who is a key figure in Garissa politics has in the recent weeks launched a political onslaught against Nathif while popularizing the Jubilee candidate for the seat Ali Korane.

In 2013 he supported Korane who was floored by the incumbent by 2,000 votes.

Source: Kenya News Agency