Garissa county assembly majority leader condemn attack on Journalist

The Garissa County Assembly majority leader Mohammed Farah has condemned Friday incident in which brother to area Governor Nathif Jamah attacked a Citizen TV cameraman as he covered protesting contractors over delayed payments.

Speaking to the press in Garissa town Tuesday Farah while terming the incident as regrettable called for stern action against Ibrahim Jamah, who is younger brother to the governor.

“Every Kenyan has a right to express their grievances and so were the contractors who have not been paid for services they have rendered some for over two years. As leaders we stand with the press to ensure the rot within the county administration is exposed,” Farah said.

The majority leader said the assembly was not happy with the manner in which Nathif’s administration is managing the affairs of the county.

“Devolution remains a pipe dream for Garissa residents especially those in the rural areas as a few individuals affiliated to the governor amass wealth while our people continue to languish in poverty,” he said.

Service delivery in the county has virtually come to halt, he added.

On Friday a section of contractors called on the national government to freeze all development funds to the county for the remaining financial years accusing Nathif’s administration for diverting the funds towards recurrent expenditure.

They threatened to paralyse office operations within the county administration in Garissa town if they are not paid their dues by Wednesday.

The directorate of county affairs through its communications office in a press release condemned the attack noting ‘it should not be taken that the perpetrators of the attack were acting for or on behalf of Garissa county or governor Nathif’.

“The county government will lead the fight for justice against any person infringing on the rights of the press in the county,” added the statement.

By Jacob Songok

Source: Kenya News Agency