Garissa body in the wrong hands


FOUR months after the terror attack on the Garissa University College, police have traced a missing student’s body to a home in Kitui who lost a girl by the same name.

Risper Kasyoka was a secondyear business management student. She was among the 147 students and one security officer killed by al Shabaab on April 2. CID officers in Nairobi on Tuesday said her body was mistakenly buried by another family, whose daughter was also called Kasyoka.

“We have solved the mystery of the missing Garissa University girl,” CID boss Muhoro Ndegwa told the Star on the phone. The Star has learnt people assigned with identifying the victims had mixed up the names and mistakenly handed over Kasyoka’s body to another family.

Following the family’s complaints, police requested data of all the 147 victims and assembled officials to scrutinise the records. They eliminated all the positively identified and documented persons. That left two females, including the unclaimed body and that of Kasyoka.

The detectives then demanded original national IDs from the National Registration Bureau. It was while they were scrutinizing the fingerprints data that they matched Kasyoka’s fingerprints to the body that had been claimed and buried by the other family.

Police have informed the missing girl’s father, Isaac Mutisya, about their discovery. Mutisya had insisted that the only remaining female body at the Chiromo mortuary was not his daughter’s because of different physical features.

Police have obtained exhumation orders and served the police boss and APs in Kitui, where Kasyoka was buried. The family that had mistakenly buried her was to be informed. Legislators who discussed the missing girl in Parliament had noted that mourners were still visiting the girl’s home two months after the terror attack.