Gangsters kill Italian doctor at a villa in Watamu, Kilifi County


A 50-year-old Italian medical doctor has been shot dead by gangsters at a villa in Kilifi County.

Police said six gangsters, one armed with a pistol and others with pangas, stormed the villa in Watamu, Malindi Sub-County, at 9pm on Saturday as Dr Rita Fossacaca and her colleagues were having dinner.

“Among the six Italians were an elderly couple and their daughter, who was shot dead.

“She had tried to challenge the gangsters when they beat up her parents.

“She was shot at close range and died on the spot,” said an officer who declined to be named as he is not allowed to talk to the media.

Among the foreigners were a Catholic priest and two friends.

The source said the Italian philanthropists have been visiting Watamu for the past eight years, working as volunteers at the Mlinzi Children’s Home, Mijomboni, near Gede, which they started.

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala condemned the attack.