Gambling machines destroyed

Bomet County Commissioner (CC), Geoffrey Omoding has appealed to the county government to stop issuing business permits to foreigners to engage in gambling as the business was unlawful.

Omoding said the county security team has embarked on flushing out foreigners operating in the county without work permits from immigration department; more so those operating gambling machines.

The CC made the remarks on Monday at Silbwet trading centre where he led the county security team in destroying 90 gambling machines impounded from various market centres in Bomet Central constituency.

We will destroy the all gambling machines placed in many market centres as they have become a great security risk to area residents as youths engage in the vice 24 hours, he stated.

Omonding said that gambling machines had destroyed many families in the region as the vice addicts have gone to the extent of selling their ancestral land to feed the habit.

Apart from adults engaging in gambling, we have reports that school going children have dropped out to gamble as others are engaged as workers in those premises, he said.

The CC warned chiefs and their assistants that they risked being sacked if they continued to allow illegal businesses in their jurisdictions.

He urged area residents to give information to government officers on foreign nationals hiding in their villages promising the reports would be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Our people are deceived by the foreigners to give them Sh.80, 000 down payment to purchase the gambling machine but eventually the foreigners come weekly to collect the money and only give out a small figure, he said.

On illicit brews, Omoding lauded the joint efforts by county government administrators and chiefs that had seen 6,000 litres of chang’aa and 60,000 of kangara destroyed.

The war on illicit brews cannot be slowed down by anybody. We will continue to arrest even those who purport to have protection from ‘above’, he stated.

He said so far, 30 people have been arrested in connection with the illicit brews some of whom have been imprisoned as others waited for courts verdicts.

He said more than 70 per cent of crimes committed in the region were related to illicit brews adding that their eradication would reduce crime incidents in the region.

Source: Kenya News Agency