Fuel attendant crashed to death by rogue motorist

A fuel attendant at Metro petrol station along the busy Thika-Garissa road died Thursday when a rogue motorist hauled and crashed him onto an oncoming vehicle.

The bizarre incident that occurred in the early hours of Thursday morning happened when a lone motorist driving a Subaru KAR 297W drove into the petrol station and asked the fuel attendant to fill his fuel tank.

On finishing the unsuspecting attendant turned to the driver for payment only for the latter to step on the pedal as he sped off without paying with the attendant in hot pursuit.

The deceased whose name could not be immediately given until next of kin were notified managed to rush and caught up with him before he could accelerate to the highway.

Thika base Commander Michael Lemaiyian told KNA that the fuel attendant clung to the window of the accelerating vehicle and the driver wanting to shake him off crashed him on an oncoming vehicle killing him on the spot.

The driver of the Subaru was forced to abandon his vehicle and took off on foot as his vehicle was also badly smashed. We have towed the wreckage to the police station and are now following the Insurance Company to give us the identity of the vehicle owner. Lemayian said.

We are also trying to view the CCTV camera and get more details as the attendant was alone during the incident, he added.

Lemaiyan said the body of the fuel attendant had been removed to general Kago funeral home waiting to inform the next of kin.

Source: Kenya News Agency