Four to pay for obtaining CDF funds for no work done

Four people accused of fraudulently obtaining Sh. 490,000 from Eldoret South constituency development fund, CDF in 2010 have been fined Sh. 1.7m after being found guilty by an Eldoret court.

Nelson Kimeto,SylvonBett,David Martim and Hellen Saina were found guilty of jointly conspiring to commit an economic crime on 6th April 2010.

The court was told that the accused persons were arrested by the Ethics and Anti-corruption commission, (EACC) and arraigned in court after investigations.

The accused person fraudulently acquired Sh490, 000 to ostensibly construct Saroiyot Bridge that was to be funded by CDF. The bridge was however never constructed although the four persons withdrew the money that is suspected to have been used for personal gain.

Witnesses in the case, who came from the constituency told the court that such a bridge was nonexistent.

The accused persons who were found guilty of eleven counts conceded that they were paid the money as contractors, but could however not account for it.

Following evidence produced before court, you have been found guilty of the said offence, this court will sentence you accordingly, ruled Eldoret chief magistrate Charles Obulutsa.

The first accused, who was charged with the three was fined Shs200, 000 and face two years in jail in default for the first count. He was also fined Sh 260,000 and Sh. 63,334 for the second and third counts or be jailed for two years and one year consecutively in default.

The second and fourth accused persons faced similar charges and were met with similar punishment.

However, the third accused person was found guilty of two counts and fined Sh 200,000 for the first count and Sh. 260,000 for the second count. In default, the accused risks facing a jail term of two years and a further two years for the second count.

Source: Kenya News Agency