Form four student found guilty of torching dormitory

A form four student from St. Patricks High School-Iten will sit his examinations at the Kamiti Youth Correction Centre after he was found guilty of torching a dormitory worth sh.3.5 million.

The 17 year old who is an orphan was being sponsored by the Equity Wings to fly programme and had his sponsorship withdrawn immediately he was charged with the offence in 2016 when he was in form two.

The Senior Principal Magistrate, Hezron Nyaberi heard that the accused had told a colleague that he would bring down a dormitory and after 20 minutes the dormitory went up in flames.

Another witness who is a student in the school also told the court how he saw the accused enter another dormitory and come out with a mattress which he placed on a wall.

Shortly an explosion occurred followed by a huge fire after which I saw a student who had covered his head with a blazer run into the staff quarters, one of the witnesses (name barred because he is a minor) told the court.

The then School Principal, Wilson Yego told the court that the flammable substance used to burn the dormitory was in one of the halls and was being used by the school to mark the fields during sports.

Delivering the judgement, the court said the conduct of the accused of bragging to PW3 that he would bring the dormitory down demonstrated his intention to willfully and unlawfully set the dormitory on fire.

I therefore order that the offender be committed to the Kamiti Youth Correction center for four months, the court ruled.

In mitigation, the accused prayed for a non-custodial sentence saying he was in form four and was set to sit his examinations next month adding that he was an orphan and that his sponsorship from Equity bank had been withdrawn.

I have suffered enough and I pray to the court to consider giving me a non-custodial sentence to enable me complete my studies, he prayed to the court.

The accused had been charged that on July 26 2016 at St. Patricks High School-Iten jointly with others not before the court he willfully and unlawfully set fire to a school dormitory worth sh.3.5 million property of St. Patricks High School in Keiyo North.

Two of his co-accused were however lucky after the court gave them the benefit of doubt and acquitted them.

Source: Kenya News Agency