Form Four girl confirmed pregnant as culprit walks free

A Form Four girl at Mwamgunda Girls Secondary School in Matuga Sub-county, Kwale County, was confirmed pregnant as the culprit who is also a student walks free.

The girl, however, was allowed back in school in line with a government policy that prohibits expulsion of such students, according to the Principal Ms. Fatuma Roki.

Ms. Roki said the culprit who is a student at another school has not yet been arrested adding that this was the first pregnancy case to be reported in the school.

Matuga MP Mr. Kassim Tandaza who visited the institution condemned the incident while expressing shock to hear that the perpetrator had gone scot-free because the girl is above 18 years.

Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Benson Maisori who accompanied him said the age factor had complicated the matter when the legislator questioned why no arrest had been made.

Mr. Maisori said both the victim and the culprit had reached the legal age of consent which an individual in Kenya is considered legally old enough to consent to participation in sexual activity.

Our hands are tied in this situation as a result of which we cannot help out the victim even though we would want to because of the dictates of the law, he said.

Mr. Tandaza called for a review of the law to ensure sexual offenders were punished in all cases involving school girls whether or not they have reached the consenting age.

School girls, irrespective of age, should be protected against sex pests bent on taking the legal age loophole to abuse them in the knowledge that they will go unpunished, he said.

Ms. Roki wants a dormitory built in the day school to accommodate students so that they did not fall prey to such incidents.

She also said the school needed to be fenced to control students’ movement and confine them in one place.

In response, Mr. Tandaza said he will consider funding the two projects with money from the constituency development kitty.

A Learning Assessment report by Uwezo Kenya shows early pregnancies as one of the major causes of poor performance in education in the county.

In 2017, a primary school in the region had no girls registered for the national exam due to rampant cases of early pregnancies, says the report.

Three out of the five girls who were to join Standard Eight at Mwaluvuno Primary School in Kinango Sub-county, dropped out of school after they became pregnant while their two colleagues were forced to repeat class seven.

Kwale Welfare Education Association Program Officer Mr. SalimMwatenga said that girls have been dropping out of school due to pregnancies at an alarming rate.

Source: Kenya News Agency