Foriculture sector records growth

The country’s floriculture sector has recorded improved growth in the last one year following a rise in demand for cut-flowers.

The Kenya Flower Council (KFC) indicated that the demand started during Valentine season and projected flower volume exported to the EU market and earnings would rise by 20 percent this financial year.

There was major improvement in flower demand and production in the current financial year. As per data from growers, this years’ Valentine was the best in the last five years due to the volume of flowers exported, the Council CEO, Clement Tulezi said.

Tulezi at the same time, identified poor infrastructure and double taxation by national and county governments as the major challenges facing flower farmers and called on the two levels of governance to harmonize the taxes and also give farmers tax incentives.

Other sectors like tourism get tax incentives but the floriculture sector which is second in terms of foreign exchange earner has been forgotten, he said.

The CEO at the same time said the council has embarked on a flower promotion campaign with Kenya Airways ahead of the direct flights to the US with a view of accessing the new market.

Tulezi spoke to the press in Naivasha during a meeting with HIVOs, an organization based in Netherlands that has been fighting for women rights in the farms.

The HIVOs Executive Director, Edwin Huizing said that they were working in eight countries with a view of addressing harassment and ensuring better working conditions for women.

Huizing regretted that cases of sexual harassment, low wages and marginalization among some growers in the country had been reported.

He said the organization was working with consumers in the EU market to influence them to pay more for flowers to help workers in the floriculture sector earn better pay.

Source: Kenya News Agency