NAIROBI, At least 15 foreign embassies here have advised Kenyan ppposition leader Raila Odinga to not to disrupt Thursday’s Supreme Court-mandated fresh presidential election and to take his grouses to the court as President Uhuru Kenyatta wrapped up his re-election campaign with a huge rally in Nairobi Monday.

The diplomats urged the opposition to desist from using violence and intimidation in an effort to stop the fresh election from taking place as scheduled but Odinga’s National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition announced it will resume its protests against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) on Tuesday right through to Polling Day.

Kenya’s Supreme Court of Appeal ordered the fresh presidential election between the president and Odinga after Odinga succefully peitioned the court to annul the result of the voting for the presidency in the Aug 8 general election. The results from voting for Members of Parliament, county governors and Members of County Assemblies were not affected.

The diplomats said in a statement here Monday: No one should use violence or intimidation to disrupt the right of others to vote or to participate. Doing so is profoundly undemocratic, and leaders must tell their supporters to refrain from such actions.”

Addressing a media conference here Monday, United States Ambassador Robert Godec regretted that Odinga and his running mate, Kalonzo Musyoka, withdrew from the race despite having successfully petitioned the Supreme Court to nullify the results of the Aug 8 presidential election won by Kenyatta.

We respect the right of NASA candidates Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka to withdraw their candidacies, but regret their decision. We have been engaged in efforts to find a way that will encourage them to rejoin, and continue to hope they will do so in light of the progress made at the IEBC and our shared commitment to the democratic electoral process, said Godec.

He added the new election must be carried out in accordance with the Constitution and court order, but it is vital that it be credible and be held in a competitive, peaceful, and participatory environment. Respect for the law is vital for every Kenyan.

NASA maintains that the elections scheduled for 26th do not meet the conditions deduced from the Supreme Court ruling and its subsequent irreducible minimums that were shared both with IEBC and the public.