Flower Farm Kicks Out 1,000 Workers

More than 1,000 workers of a leading flower company in Naivasha have been left homeless after their employer terminated their contracts and evicted them.

The workers from Twiga Roses, formerly Karuturi Ltd, were kicked out on Thursday by riot police and hired youth armed with a court order.

“We just woke up like any other day only to meet the police and hired goons ready to take us out, yet we do not know what is happening,” worker Bernard Shikhanda told the Star.

The staff were told they are no longer part of the company and have to leave to create room for new employees.

However, the workers said they will stay put until their dues are paid in full.

A spot-check by the Star found the police busy enforcing the order, while the belongings of evicted staff were scattered.

Shikhanda said the receiver managers have been mistreating them and now want to chase them away to avoid paying them terminal benefits.

He said they were not informed prior to their eviction and questioned the authenticity of the court order.

Shikhanda said most of those fired have worked for the company for more that 15 years yet have not been paid their benefits.

Another worker Vivian Adhiambo called on the government to investigate the dealings in the company.

“First they changed the name to Twiga Roses, then they sack 2,000 workers and refuse to pay them their dues. We don’t know what will happen next.”

The receiver managers were unavailable for comment.