NAROK, KENYA, Nov 24 (NNN-KNA) — Property worth millions of shillings has been destroyed by flash floods which hit Narok town in southwestern Kenya Sunday night following a heavy downpour.

Vehicles, livestock, water tanks and other valuables were seen carried away by the raging waters as the residents watched in disbelief. The flood brought business to a standstill on a day that sees traders in second-hand clothes flocking to the town to sell their goods.

A traffic snarl up was also experienced along the Narok-Bomet highway as the waters covered Enkare Narok Bridge along the highway.

Richmond Oltetia, a Narok Town trader said he was forced to close his shop as early as 10am when the rains began.

People here have asked the County Government to consider relocating the town to higher ground, saying it is the only lasting solution to the perennial floods.

During flash floods which hit NArok County in March and April this year, 15 persons were killed and property worth millions of shillings was destroyed.

Narok Town Business Association Chairman, Dr. David Sankok, asked the County Government to relocate the busy town to the Ewaso Nyiro area which is on higher ground and less than 20 kilometers from Narok Town.

“We should not continue seeing our people losing their property and sometime lives due to something that can be avoided,” Dr. Sankok observed. — NNN-KNA