Flash floods damage roads

Moyale sub-county in Marsabit County has been experiencing torrential rains in the last three days causing flash floods.

The floods have consequently, cut-off transport between the headquarters and other sub-stations.

Bori village borehole water pump has also been submerged and risks being washed away by the storm waters unless urgent measures were employed to save the situation.

The villagers have fled their homes to safer grounds due to the heavy rains emanating from the neighbouring Ethiopian hills, in Ethiopia but no ugly incident has so far been reported.

Moyale sub-county administrator Ambrose Harugura said following the heavy rains, storm waters had changed courses forcing area residents to relocate from their homes to safer grounds.

He said his office had contacted the emergency borehole response team at the County headquarters in Marsabit and was expected any time to rectify the situation.

The road from Bori Junction to the village where the water pump is located is impassable but all efforts will be made to salvage the water pump from being washed away by the floods, Harugura said.

Efforts by KNA to access Bori water pump site by a motor bike were futile as the road has been washed away by the flash floods.

Source: Kenya News Agency