Fix graft or kiss top seat bye, Uhuru told


The Jubilee government should tame runaway corruption to increase it chances of re-election in 2017, two Coast politicians have said.

Nominated Senator Emma Mbura and JAP politician and businessman Suleiman Shahbal on Saturday said corruption is denting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s chances of re-election in 2017.

They said it is making work harder for his foot soldiers. Speaking separately to the Star on the phone, the two said Kenyans are tired of corruption and will not tolerate it anymore.

They said corruption should be fought regardless of party affiliation, tribe or standing in society.

“If Jubilee does not concentrate on fighting corruption, then we have a difficult task in 2017. How will we convince people (to re-elect the incumbents)?” Mbura said.

She said those implicated in corruption must step aside for investigation. Mbura said no one should be given preferential treatment.

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru is on the spot for graft in her ministry. Pressure is mounting for her to resign or be sacked by Uhuru. She has, however, maintained she is innocent, saying she is not responsible for procurement.

Mbura said: “I was happy to see the likes of Kazungu Kambi and Ngilu step aside. It would be better for us to preach water and drink water. Let us not defend anybody.” Shahbal said trivialising the fight against corruption is a threat to national stability.

“Corruption is an evil that must be contained if we are to build an economy that offers opportunities to all Kenyans,” he said.

“All Kenyans, irrespective of our political inclinations, must stand up against corrupt practices by public officials.”