Five Buffaloes on the Loose in Machakos, KWS Warns.

The Kenya wildlife service (KWS) is cautioning residents of Lumbwa, Kola and Kyangala areas of Kalama sub-county in Machakos to be on the look out for some stray buffaloes roaming the area.

Mr. Nobert Murugi a KWS warden said six buffaloes escaped from Ulu hills conservancy in Konza and one of the buffaloes was shot dead at Mumandu market after efforts to contain it proved futile.

He added that the other five escaped and are staying around neighbouring hilly areas warning residents to exercise caution to avoid injuries from the deadly beasts.

The officer said they had a hard time controlling crowds who were following the beasts.

The crowds celebrated sharing the meat from the killed buffalo and now are on high alert expecting to share more but I want to tell them not to get their hopes up since KWS preserves wildlife and will work to save and return the beasts back to the conservancy as opposed to killing, said Murugi

Incidents of human Wildlife Conflict have been recorded in Machakos County which neighbours Nairobi national park and also a host to several game reserves.

The crave for land and development at the site of commencement of construction of Konza techno city, has disturbed wildlife freedom restricting them to limited confinements than before leading to frequent escapes.

Source: Kenya News Agency