Fight for matatu fair play, says MOA


Commuters in Coast should form an association to represent their interests and prevent harassment by drivers and conductors, matatu owners have said.

The lobby group should have legal officers and lawyers to prosecute traffic offenders, said Salim Mbarak.

Mbarak, the Coast coordinator of the Matatu Owners’ Association, spoke to the Star in Mombasa town yesterday.

“I receive numerous complaints about matatu operators overcharging passengers,” Mbarak said.

The commuters feel powerless as they do not have a strong organisation to protect them.

This allows matatu operators to break the law with impunity, Mbarak said.

“Such an association can empower commuters to oppose overloading, speeding, corruption and other traffic offences,” he said.

The MOA coordinator said in Tanzania, commuters have Chama Cha Kutetea Abiria Cha Kitaifa, which represents their interests.

This can also work in Kenya, he said.

“Road carnage is still a major threat to the economy,” he said.