Fight against corruption must start at the grassroots level


As the dust settles following president Barrack Obama’s visit, the reality of corruption dawns on us.

This week the auditor general, Edward Ouko released shocking report on how billions of shillings spent by various government departments and ministries cannot be accounted for.

Obama’s riveting speech at Kasarani was celebrated by everyone for talking about corruption as an enemy of development.

However, this war cannot be won unless we change the approach.

Legislation alone is not enough. We need a change of attitude.

Corruption is robbing our youth of jobs, denying our people good health and education, denying us good roads and derailing our development.

Do we have a safe and accessible system to report corruption cases?

Do the people know about the availability of the reporting system? And if we have one, are we guaranteed that action will be taken?

As it is now, we believe that corruption is only bad when it involves millions of shillings.

But the truth is that Sh50 bob lost in bribes daily amounts to millions.

For this war to be won, the common man must own it.

This war cannot be won by EACC or the president alone.