FIDA Kenya seeks media partnership to address Gender Based Violence cases

The Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) is seeking partnership with various stakeholders to help in reducing Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases in the country.

Speaking on Monday at a Nairobi hotel during a media breakfast, FIDA Chairperson, Josephine Monga’re noted that cases of gender based violence among women in the country is high despite interventions by stakeholders.

The situation, she noted is being worsened by lack of awareness, support to victims as well as low reporting by victims to the various authorities.

We are convinced that matters concerning women are more often than not given lip service or relegated to the back bunner with the assumption that there is no urgency, and can be achieved progressively, said Mong’are.

She added, the problem with this, ladies and gentlemen, when you do not take proactive steps to address a persistent issue, it connotes fragrant disregard of our national values and principles that include among others; inclusivity, non- discrimination, social justice and public participation. This is why we call upon the media to help us define the narrative.

The FIDA boss noted that the high rate of degradation to the women in the country can be reduced through publicity in the media.

Our intention is to seek media partnership in creating awareness to the members of the public as part of taming the high cases of gender violence to the women, she added.

The partnership with the media, Monga’are noted, will help to enhance women to claim their rightful positions in the country.

For the last 33years FIDA has offered free aid to over three million women and children on matters ranging from custody and maintenance, matrimonial disputes, discrimination in employment, participation in public position and sexual violence.

The journey to actualizing the aspirations and constitutional gains for women, Mong’are noted has been long and tiresome.

Equally, FIDA Kenya has continued to lobby parliamentarians, sought judicial interventions and has been part of discussions and partnership working towards constitutional fidelity on gender equality and equity.

Mong’are noted the association is an interested party in the suit filed by Dr. Tatu sometimes this year, seeking an okay from the High Court for women to be undergoing FGM.

FIDA Kenya similarly conducts education and advocacy programs that positively impact on structural, institutional and legal reforms within Kenya to ensure gender sensitivity and responsiveness, said Monga’re.

Source: Kenya News Agency