Fete wins praise for relevant themes


Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi has praised this year’s nation music festival for highlighting issues that are important to Kenyans.

Speaking at the finalists’ gala at Citam Hall in Kisumu on Thursday, Prof Kaimenyi said the festival is an important tool for ensuring cohesion and understanding among Kenyans.

He said the performances in the Kenya National Music Festival had themes that were relevant for national unity and promotion of the diverse Kenyan cultures.

Participants in the primary, secondary school, college and university categories presented 41 of the best items at the gala in this year’s event that ended on Thursday.

President Kenyatta will host some of the winners during the State concert at State Lodge Kisumu on Friday.


Twenty five groups are expected to perform at the winners’ concert.

The 89th Edition of the festival has been viewed as the biggest of its kind in the region.

It featured more than 150,000 participants, who presented songs, dances and verses in various categories.

Prof Kaimenyi said the themes of most of the items were “food for thought in Kenya’s search for peace, cohesion and understanding”.

“The items featured in the event are entertaining, educating and challenging,” he said.

Pumwani Boys High School dance was among the items that carried the day in Thursday’s event.

The Metropolitan Region school graced the finalists’ gala with an own composition dance in the Zilizopendwa category.

Their presentation featured singing, dancing and instrumentation, all blended to form a piece that had the audience on their feet dancing along.

The new category was introduced by Joseph Muyale of the Kenyan Boys Choir.

The festival showcases dances, songs and verses, which reflect Kenya’s diverse cultures.