Fear in Mandera after Rift Valley Fever claims four lives

Livestock keepers in Mandera county are living in fear following reported outbreak of Rift Valley Fever(RVF) that claimed the lives of some people in neighbouring Wajir county.

Mandera County Director for Veterinary Services Dr. Claudio Sortum said no incident had been reported in the county, but the outbreak in Wajir is worrying.

We have decided to take this early opportunity to caution our livestock keepers to be on high alert considering that this disease has already caused deaths in Wajir, he said.

Mr Sortum called on residents in areas bordering Wajir to be on the lookout for signs of the disease, which affects both livestock and humans.

Pastoralists in Danaba, Shirshir, Elrhamu, Dandu, Kutulo and Burumayo and other areas bordering Wajir should report any suspected signs of this disease to our officers immediately, he said.

He said the county would set aside an emergency fund to prevent any eventuality.

The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes.

Mr Sortum noted that a vector control plan is under way.

We have announced closure of all slaughter houses in areas bordering Wajir until we eradicate the threat. The situation is classified as medium risk, he said.

Mandera is also considering restricting movement of livestock along the Wajir-Mandera boundary.

At least 200,000 livestock in areas bordering Wajir are at risk of contracting RFV in case planned control measures fail.

Already, the disease has claimed four lives in Wajir and tens of livestock since it was first reported.

Source: Kenya News Agency