Father’s agony over missing son

A father from Chesanga village within Kericho County has called on the government and members of the public to help him trace his son, a class eight pupil, who went missing from home a week ago.

Speaking to KNA in Kericho town today, the father of the missing boy Richard Otieno Aulo said he last saw his 14 year old son identified as Alex Oluko on Labour Day when he gave him money to purchase a book but disappeared after a neighbour disciplined him for stealing some scrap metal that was outside his house.

Aulo suspects that his neighbour was behind the disappearance of his only son.

On 1st May I was called to do some work and I left my house at 7am leaving my son with some cash to buy a book but when I got back at eleven o’clock, I met my neighbour by the name Cosmus Tanui. He informed me, while trembling, that he had taught my son a lesson for stealing scrap metal that was outside his house and this made me uneasy, he added.

He reported the matter to Nyagacho police station on Friday after all efforts to trace his son in the village and in Kericho town bore no fruits.

He appeals to anyone who has seen his son a class eight pupil at Kipchebor primary school whom he states has a peculiar habit of suckling his right thumb, to the nearest police station, or call him on his cell phone number 0729 507004.

Kericho deputy OCPD Nathan Sanya said police have launched a manhunt for the neighbour whom he suspects may have a hand in the disappearance of the boy.

From our groundwork, the said neighbour has not been seen in his house from the time the boy went missing but we are searching for him as we believe he may be aware where the boy is, said Sanya.

Source: Kenya News Agency