Father of a terror suspect arrested in Malindi

The father of a terror suspect, Abubakar Abulkadir who has a Sh.2 million bounty on his head has been arrested by suspected anti-terror police officers at Malindi.

Speaking to the press on Sunday, Mrs. Amne Abdulkadir, wife of Abulkadir Abubakar said her husband, Abubakar Abulkadir, 56, alias Shebe was bundled into a car Sunday night by four armed men at Barani area in Malindi.

Mrs. Abdulkadir said he was waylaid while coming from the mosque by a group of about six armed men and bundled into a vehicle.

We heard the man screaming and the men flushed out pistols while we moved near to rescue him, she said.

She also said Abdulkadir was operating Arafat hotel and a butchery in Malindi town.

My husband was sickly and his phone is going through but it is not being picked, she said, adding that he is the only bread winner of the family of six children.

A neighbour to the victim, Mzee Shaka Kassir said most of the people arrested under such circumstance usually do not come back to the community.

It is sad that the family does not know his whereabouts despite reporting the matter to police, he said.

The suspect’s daughter, Ms. Aisha Abubakar said they only wanted to know the whereabouts of their father.

Our father is sickly and we were unable to sleep yesterday night due to fear, she added.

A sources, name withheld, told the press that the man is suspected to have housed jihadist terrorist Fazul Abdullah Mohammed at Malindi, who is linked to the August 7, 1998 Nairobi and November 28, 2002 Kikambala bombings.

His son, Abubakar Abdulkadir, a wanted terror suspect, is a brother to one of the three women who were arrested at El Wak border on March 2015 while sneaking into Somalia.

The women, Ummulkheir Sadri Abdalla, Khadija Abubakar Abdulkadir, Maryam Said Aboud and Halima Adan Ali were arrested at Mandera County while attempting to cross to Somalia allegedly to get married to Al-Shabaab fighters.

In 2015, police released photographs of four suspected terrorists -Abulkadir Abubakar Abdulkadir, Kauni, Hussein Said Omar, alias Babli, and Ahmed Said Omar, alias Dogo.

Contacted for comment, Coast region police boss Mr. Larry Kieng denied arresting the elderly man.

I am not aware of that arrest. Let me inquire further and get back to you, said Coast Police boss Larry Kieng.

Source: Kenya News Agency