Farmers urged to take advantage of subsidized farm inputs

Farmers have been urged to utilise subsidised farm inputs introduced by Kisii County government to ensure higher yields for food security.

County Agriculture assistant Director Mulei Mutiso said the county government had procured farm inputs which are available to famers at the ward levels.

The county in a bid to increase farm yields will also establish an agricultural call centre at the Kisii Agricultural Training centre (ATC) to help improve farmers’ harvest by providing the necessary information, he said.

He added that the County was also in the process of introducing crop insurance and E-alert system to alert farmers on new products and technological innovations.

Mutiso noted that for higher yields, farmers should use certified seeds, apply fertilizer in good time as well as exercise crop rotation.

We want our farmers to plant timely and make use of long rains realised in the area. This will enable us to supplement our food basket, he said.

He advised the farmers to be wary of the ongoing short rains and said that according to historical analysis in the region, long rains are experienced in mid-March to June while short rains are experienced between September and early December.

Mutiso who was accompanied by Assistant Director Horticulture Kennedy Maseno was speaking today at the County headquarters offices in Kisii town.

He said the county government in collaboration with Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) had an elaborate plan of offering agricultural symposium to targeted farmers to acquire modern skills to improve their yield and embrace agri-business for better returns.

Source: Kenya News Agency