Farmers urged to embrace guinea pig production

Farmers in Lugari Sub County have been urged to venture into production of indigenous guinea pigs also known as Nungu Bandia in kiswahili to boost their income.

Robert Wanda, a livestock farmer, made the remark when he spoke to journalists on his farmer at Manyonyi village in Lugari location on Tuesday.

Besides keeping common domestic animals and birds, including cattle, sheep and chickens on his farm, Wanda has also extensively ventured into keeping of indigenous guinea pigs, which he says increased his income from livestock production.

“Livestock farmers in this region are yet to discover the salient economic and nutritional values attached to this type of pigs”, said Wanda, adding that a well matured guinea pig can fetch up to Shs. 500 or more going by current market prices.

One matured guinea pig can produce between � and 1kilogram of beef, according to the livestock farmer.

“The meat is as sweet as that of the other types of pigs”, added Wanda who noted that a healthy pregnant female pig can sire up to four piglets in a single delivery.

“Female pigs give birth on monthly basis”, revealed Wanda, who earns about Shs.10,000 weekly from his guinea pigs, which he says enables him to meet fees for his school going children.

The cost of keeping this type of pigs is low, “since like their exotic counterparts, guinea pigs also have the tendency of rummaging garbage for food, besides eating grass and banana leaves”, said Wanda.

“There is a ready market for matured pigs”, says Wanda who sells most of his guinea pigs to Kitale Museums in Trans Nzoia County.

SOURCE: Kenya News Agency