Farmers urged to adopt agribusiness to improve their livelihood

Farmers have been urged to engage in agribusiness as a way of improving their income and create employment among the youth thus enabling them improve their economic lives.

Pure products, Kenya Managing Director Mr. Charles Boit said his company had worked hard to bring awareness on the importance of Agribusiness among the farmers in various parts of the counties as a way of employing the youth to earn better pay.

Boit was speaking Thursday during the launch of Agribusiness summit conference that brought together different stakeholders.

He acknowledged the importance of tea mechanisation in enabling the youth to learn important skills and making them more knowledgeable too.

Tea mechanisation has made more youth to be semi-skilled making them to earn even more compared to manual tea farming, Boit said.

Boit said despite the impact of global climate change, they had employed minimum tillage as a way of conserving water loss in some parts of the country and also they were partnering with financial institutions to boost they work.

We are working with various banks to help us fulfill our dream, he added.

Mr. Fazal Ramji, the Founder of Norda enterprises said they have worked with regional farmers such as in Bomet to help promote the Agribusiness activities.

At times you find that we agree a certain price with the government but when we take the seeds to the farmers they oppose the price and prefer to buy substandard seeds which are cheaper, he explained.

Faraz urged farmers to have passion in Agribusiness for them to succeed.

Passion and purpose defines to you what you want and this is determined by what you engage in, Ramji added.

He added that it was good for farmers to take Crop insurance covers because they were of beneficial to them too.

Source: Kenya News Agency