Farmers threaten to kill marauding Zebras in Samburu

More than 150 farmers of Loosuk and Baawa locations of Samburu Central Sub-County have threatened to kill zebras that have been invading their farms and destroying their crops if Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) and Conservancy Rangers do not take any action.

The Farmers who spoke to KNA on Tuesday said that they have reported the matter to the Maralal KWS station but no action has been taken so far even after several hectares were destroyed by zebras and no compensation has been forthcoming from KWS.

They asked the KWS Boss in Maralal Station, Richard Lemarkat to urgently intervene on the matter before things worsen.

They threatened to hold a major demonstration if no action was taken about the wild animals which have been destroying their crops while others have been devouring domestic animals in the villages yet the affected farmers have not been compensated by the government.

The farmers said they have been filling compensations forms yet those they filled in 2014 have not been acted upon as they are still lying at the KWS offices in Maralal station.

They asked the government to find a lasting solution on the matter as farmers have lost resources used during the planting for short rain season in the area.

By Lelendu Petikas