Farmers elect KTDA factory directors

More than 150,000 shareholders of the 66 tea factory companies managed by the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) have elected new directors for their factory companies.

According to results released by the factory companies today, 37 candidates were elected unopposed in their various regions whereas a further 27 candidates were newly elected and 45 candidates re-elected to their positions.

Speaking during the release of the results, KTDA Group Company Secretary, John Kennedy Omanga said the electoral process was free and fair and was conducted through a secret ballot and a weighted voting system of shares that was introduced in 2008.

“The shareholders, who are small scale tea farmers, elect one-third of factory company directors who retire on rotation every year and are subject to the nomination process according to their respective Company Articles,” said Omanga.

There were more than 200 candidates vying for directorships, having met all the requirements set by their respective factory companies for participation in the elections.

The elections come at a time when tea farmers have enjoyed high earnings in 2015, with tea bonus payments rising by about 21 per cent over the previous year.

The annual polls, which are held under a transparent, free and fair system, are an essential part of the corporate governance process at KTDA-managed factories that requires shareholders to elect their representatives as stipulated under Company Law and Articles of respective factory companies.

Omanga said that general tranquility was upheld during the elections, noting that majority of the shareholders have now fully understood the rationale for electing directors based on the strength of the individual shareholders shares.

Results of the eagerly awaited elections from the 223 polling stations were announced on the same day at the respective electoral areas once tallying of ballots was completed.

By Yobesh Onwong’a