Farah Want MP’S Appointed CS’s

An aspirant for Garissa Township Parliamentary seat on a Wiper ticket, Mr Farah Maalim, has promised to push for a constitutional amendment that will see Cabinet Secretaries appointed from among MPs to ensure that they are held accountable.

As its stands the current CS’s are not accountable to anybody. These are some of the shortcomings of the current Constitution that we want amended to allow for a more transparent and accountable cabinet. You can’t have a parliament that plays the role of the executive as it is being witnessed currently. It beats all logic of separation of powers, he noted.

In an interview with a local TV channel , Farah said it was the electorate of Garissa Township Constituency who prevailed upon him to run for the seat.

Contrary to what my opponents and their supporters are claiming, I was never rejected by my clan to vie for Lagdera seat. It’s the voters of Garissa Township who persuaded me to give the seat a shot, Farah said.

The electorate were tired with how politics and business had been transacted for the last 10 years and in me they saw a personality who was not only best suited but capable of unseating the incumbent. Who was I to turn down the will of the people, he said.

Farah who is considered a front runner in the hotly contested seat will battle it out with National Assembly majority leader and current MP Aden Duale who will be running on a Jubilee ticket.

He dismissed claims that he was an outsider and therefore was trying to impose himself on the people of Garissa Township.

I was born and brought up in Garissa town. My father was a soldier who resided in Garissa town. If anything it’s the incumbent who was born in the rural Balambala that was part of the larger Dujis Constituency, Farah said.

He, however, said this would not form part of his campaign agenda because his will be issue based.

Duale is on record claiming that he was not in the same league with Farah and he will give him a resounding defeat come August 8.

The moment Farah decided to run for the Garissa Township seat is the time he started writing his political obituary. A 10 feet grave awaits his political career come August 9. It will be the last time you will hear of Farah in the political arena, Duale said.

Farah on his part said the will of the people will prevail and exuded confidence of wrestling the seat from Duale.

Source: Kenya News Agency