Famine Looms as Armyworm Destroys Crops

Farmers in Tinderet Sub � County may not realize any harvest this season following attack by the fall army-worm.

The situation has also been compounded by the fact that the most affected crop is maize which is the stable food crop and at the same time a major income earner to the locals.

A spot check by KNA in randomly selected maize farms indicated that the effects on the crop are now almost severe with farmers unanimously in agreement that the future of the food situation in that section of Nandi is bleak.

They said recommended pesticide sprays like Betafos and duduthrin had proved ineffective as the worm continued to ravage the crop unabated,

Paul Chepkwony, whose two acre maize farm had been reduced to zero by the worm said efforts to counter the worm with sprays did not help.

‘I have lost hope in the maize and as I speak I leave the situation to fate,’ he said.

Contacted for comment, Sub County Agricultural Officer Joseph Cheruiyot said pesticide sprays can only be effective if applied early saying in severe attack the situation becomes difficult to control.

‘This kind of worm can only be controlled if done so early, In case of severe attack, then control is almost impossible.’ Said Cheruiyot.

Source: Kenya News Agency