Family makes passionate appeal for financial help for sick son

A Nakuru family has sent out a passionate appeal to well-wishers to support them financially to enable their 13 year old son get an urgent brain surgery in India.

The family of Janet Wanjiru, is appealing for help in raising Sh2 million to enable her son, Clinton Munyiri get the brain surgery as soon as possible.

According to various clinical analysis of the patient, he is suffering from Mesial Temporal Sclerosis, a condition doctors say can be caused by head trauma, Oxygen starvation to the brain or an infection on the brain.

Wanjiru says her sons problem began about a month ago when he returned home complaining about excruciating pain in his head after a fall while playing at school.

She rushed him to hospital where doctors scanned his head and established that his head had suffered from trauma due to a hard impact.

Wanjiru says her son who has since stopped schooling has been struggling with fits of convulsions, poor appetite and loss of memory.

She explained that her family has already exhausted its entire savings on Clintons treatment.

The surgery is scheduled to be conducted at Medanta-The Medicity Gurgaon, Delhi in India in April.

Relatives, the church, friends and neighbors have intervened but the money has not been enough to finance the surgery.

In what is obviously a double blow to the family, Wanjiru is herself awaiting her eighth colon surgery. The two health challenges in the family have left a huge dent in the family’s financial abilities, hence the need for other well-wishers to assist.

Wanjiru is leaning on hope that the family will be able to take their son to hospital and have a successful surgery carried out to enable Munyiri lead a normal life and pursue his dreams.

Doctors attending Munyiri say his brain is split to two halves and this is the cause of convulsions and emotions and short term memory.

Donations may be channeled through Mpesa Pay bill Number 613106, Account name Clinton Munyiri or Cooperative Bank pay Bill number 400222 or Account number 261395 Clinton Munyiri.

Source: Kenya News Agency