Family, Leaders And Friends Eulogized Rubia As A Selfless Man

The late Charles Wanyoike Rubia was eulogized as a selfless and fearless leader by a section of mourners who attended his burial at Kariguini Village of Murang’a County on Monday.

Those who knew him at a personal level said the late was strictly against economic crimes and social misfits.

The Speaker of Murang’a County Assembly, Nduati Kariuki eulogized Rubia as a person who was totally against corruption and embezzlement of public resources.

Nduati said the late Rubia was at his time as a leader condemned those who engaged in swindling public funds and resources.

The speaker said Kenyans can emulate the stand of Rubia by fighting corruption being done in public sector.

Nduati further said before his death, Rubia was doing a book which will soon be published despite his demise.

The late was working on a book and in the book he has harshly condemned corruption deals which has robbed the country a lot of resources, said Nduati.

He said the later all the time embraced love, equality, peace justice and fairness especially when he served as first mayor of Nairobi City.

The late all the time embraced peace and fairness and loved people irrespective of their ethnic background, he added.

On his part, the Siaya Senator, James Orengo hailed Rubia as a determined person who selflessly with other leaders fought for second liberations.

Orengo said Rubia never worked on political lines but served Kenya as a country and all people from different ethnic backgrounds.

The senator asked Kenyans to emulate leaders like Rubia so as to keep the country united and prosperity in development.

He noted that Kenyans should embrace patriotism and fairness as it was exhibited by Rubia when he served the country at various capacities.

The Kandara MP, Alice Wahome asked the government to consider setting a fund to support those who fought for liberation of the country.

The Murang’a Governor, Mwangi wa Iria said the county has produced great leaders in the country among them, Charles Rubia.

He promised to ensure the county government sets aside a piece of land to construct a museum that will teach history of liberation to future generations.

My administration will set aside a piece of land and hand over to association of eminent person which Rubia was a member, so as to construct a library and museum which will facilitate teaching of history, he added.

Rubia, who was among champions for multiparty democracy in the country passed away on December 23 at his Karen home at age of 96.

Despite contributing hugely on the country’s politics, Murang’a resident will remember him as a great investor and a farmer.

Source: Kenya News Agency