Family attacked for allegedly practicing sorcery

A family escaped death narrowly and is counting its loses after angry residents demolished their home accusing them of practicing witchcraft at Kalanya Konyango location in Homa Bay town constituency.

The villagers stormed into Paul Orondo’s home accusing him and his wife of causing the death of Victor Omune who was a class seven pupil at Pap Ndege Primary School.

A villager, Rodgers Ochieng who witnessed the incident said that the deceased complained of stomach upsets before he dropped dead.

The boy was eating sweet potatoes after which he started complaining of sharp pains in his stomach. Within a few minutes he fell unconscious and unfortunately died before we could rush him to hospital, said Ochieng.

Confirming the incident to KNA, the local Chief, Fredrick Onyango said that he had advised the complainant and his family to report the matter at the Homa Bay police station for remedial action to be taken against the attackers.

The Chief said that the family refused to seek help from the police because they feared that the villagers might attack again if they involved the police.

Onyango added that it was still unclear whether the boy died from the alleged witchcraft or health related problems because witchcraft has no evidence.

The chief also said that the villagers completely demolished Orondo’s house and carried off timber from his house’s roof to the deceased home to be used as firewood.

After the assailants had vandalised the whole house, they went ahead and took away a cow which was the only livestock owned by the family.

Orondo and his family managed to escape unharmed from the attack and have fled from the village, said Onyango.

The administrator however, warned the residents against taking the law into their own hands but should rather report incidents of insecurity to the police for appropriate action.

The body of the deceased is still lying at the Homa Bay County referral hospital awaiting autopsy.

Source: Kenya News Agency