Evicted Mau families demand for compensation

Some 40,000 families evicted from the Mau forest in Nakuru have asked the Government to compensate them or they will boycott the August polls.

The families comprising of 16 villages drawn from the Eastern Mau complex want the government to enroll them in an elaborate restitution program similar to that of victims of the 2007-2008 post-election violence.

The evictees through their spokesperson, Samuel Mwangi want the government to either provide them with alternative arable land elsewhere in the country, or allow them return to the water tower and resettle in the areas, while conserving the water catchment area.

Mwangi said it was particularly disquieting to the evictees to see fellow citizens displaced from their homes being accorded attention by the government while they continue living in squalor in the out skirts of the forest.

He alleged that the parcels of land from which the families were evicted from 1986 to 2009 have since been allocated to influential individuals by corrupt officials in the state department of lands.

The spokesperson said the agrarian families now with a memorandum for the President will not accept anything short of a resettlement program that will shield them from pangs of hunger and poverty.

Njoro parliamentary aspirant, Kamau Kuria called for an urgent state-led multi agency intervention in seeking redress to the families that are contending with incomprehensible suffering.

Kuria appealed to the government to allow the families to practice conservation agriculture within an elaborate legal frame work that will see the evictees conserve the ecosystem while they make livelihoods from the natural resource.

Source: Kenya News Agency