European Union Elections Observers meet Meru Governor

Meru Governor Peter Munya, has appealed to the National Government to ensure all candidates in the forthcoming Augusts polls are given equal security to enable them drive their agenda to the electorate without fear.

Speaking to Election Observers from the European Union in his office on Tuesday, Munya decried the disruption of his meetings by organised gangs whom he argued should have been arrested.

He lamented that two of his recent rallies had been disrupted, urging security agencies to guarantee enough security to give candidates opportunities to canvass with voters.

National Government agencies managing security should put in much effort to enable candidates engage voters without fear of violence or intimidation, said Munya.

He reiterated that election was not just the voting day but a process that pervades through the entire campaign environment.

What is expected in a democratic election is the will of the people to prevail. People should freely choose a person they want without being coerced, he added.

Governor Munya who is defending his seat on PNU ticket noted that an environment of fear can also influence the outcome of an election.

He noted that political temperatures were increasing every day and asked for enough security for all candidates irrespective of their party popularity and affiliation.

Munya has been accusing Public Administrators of working with his opponents to discredit him.

European Union Long Term Observers; Gabriela Skulova and Domenico Castellani said that they shall be working closely with various stakeholders to get their views on the election process.

They said EU Election Observation Mission to Kenya 2017 started five days ago and that there shall be about 100 observers on the ground.

Source: Kenya News Agency