Equipment worth Sh. 8 million donated to a Cooperative Society

Bungoma county government has donated milk cooling equipment’ worth Ksh. 8 million to Kaptama Dairy Cooperative Society.

Speaking to the press while receiving the equipment, the Manager of the Cooperative, Mark Ngeywo thanked the county government for identifying the society as a beneficiary of the donation, adding that the equipment will benefit the members who deliver milk to the society.

Kaptama cooperative is the only dairy plant in the region, which opened doors to dairy farmers 5 years ago after twenty years of closure. It reopened after the World Bank, through one of its local development arms, Western Kenya Community Driven and Flood Mitigation Programme WKCDD/FMP, rehabilitated the society at a cost of Sh.2, 785,044.

Started in 1958, the Kaptama co-operative society has faced numerous challenges that have been exacerbated with the rising insecurity in the region. The society currently processes over 3000 liters of milk per day.

The Mt. Elgon sub-county Agricultural Officer, Sammy Chemining’wa said there was potential of improved dairy farming in the region.

There is need for local famers to embrace modern animal husbandry practices such as proper breeding selection and appropriate feeding programs that subject dairy cows to minimal movement to boost milk production, challenged Chemining’wa.

He added that it was projected that the area could manage a daily turnover of 5000 litres of milk with proper dairy animal husbandry.

Source: Kenya News Agency