Environmental group embarks on greening project

An environmental organization has embarked on a process to green the country by planting trees in a bid to conserve the environment and boost tree cover that is currently below the internationally required10 per cent.

Peniel Edensafe Consulting Africa Limited kicked off the process in Nyeri on Monday, where it plans to plant one million exotic trees in 2018 before rolling out the project dubbed Pamoja let’s Green Kenya to the rest of the country.

Project consultant, Grace Wangari, said the move will also act as awareness creation campaign among Kenyans on the need to save the environment and combat global warming that was posing a big threat to humanity.

Speaking while launching the project in Nyeri Primary, Wangari said human activities such as illegal logging and over-reliance on wood as the main source of energy, was to blame for the depletion of the country’s tree cover.

She noted that 5.6 tons of wood was harvested everyday posing a grave danger to the country’s biodiversity and environment conservation initiatives.

The consultant said it was time emphasis was put on green processes such as adoption of other sources of fuel for instance biogas for cooking instead of wood, adding that they were targeting schools as the first point of contact in the project in a bid to inculcate green culture among the young minds.

Wangari urged schools, majority that mainly relies on wood as the main source of energy for cooking to explore other alternative sources of fuel such as biogas.

A class six pupil, Angel Duncan from Mt. Kenya Academy called for an aspect of environmental conservation to be introduced in the school curriculum in a bid to put more emphasis on the need to conserve the natural resource.

Meanwhile, an average of 500 trees will be planted in every school compound across the county with students expected to nurture them.

Source: Kenya News Agency