Embattled KNUN chairman demands for the arrest of secretary general

IT gave the union an opportunity to return to the negotiating table to address the contentious issues, the union refused so SRC is not to blame, said Bii.

The union should stop the grandstanding and return to the negotiation table, there is no other option, he added.

The union chairman who has differed sharply with the secretary general on the ongoing nurses strike reiterated his stand that the strike was not protected because it did not follow the right procedure.

It is also wrong that the secretary general has misled nurses in national health institutions such as Mathare, Mbagathi and the spinal injury to joining the strike with promises the CBA will also benefit them, which is not true. The CBA is between nurses and county governments, he stressed.

Bii also exonerated SRC from blame over placement of nurses in the new civil service structure saying that the union secretary general misled nurses not to participate in SRC meetings when it was doing the job evaluations.

SRC went ahead to do the job evaluation without representation from the nurses fraternity and produced its final edited copy that lumped nurses in the same categories with all other civil servants, said Bii.

Source: Kenya News Agency