Elections politics dominate county Mashujaa Day celebrations

Politics on the forth coming repeat presidential elections Friday dominated Mashujaa Day celebrations in Murang’a County.

Political leaders at the celebrations held at Mumbi grounds urged voters to turn out in large numbers and vote for President Uhuru Kenyatta. They accused opposition leader Raila Ondinga of holding the country hostage by opposing every effort towards a peaceful voting environment.

Kiharu Member of Parliament, Ndindi Nyoro, said the government has put in place adequate security measures to ensure elections go on even in the opposition strongholds. He said six police officer will be provided in each polling station in such areas to ensure that elections were not disrupted.

People should be aware that the guns the police carry contain bullets which are to be used to protect peace loving people, he said, adding that the government has made good its promise to offer free secondary school education and give a monthly stipend to citizens aged over 70 years. He said that the president has already accented to a budget of Sh. 23 billion set in the supplementary budget for implementation of the same.

Another Sh 6 billion, Nyoro said, has been set aside for implementation of inua jamii universal cash transfer fund for the elderly persons who will also get free medical insurance cover from National Health Insurance Fund.

Murang’a County Assembly Speaker, Nduati Kariuki, said Kenyans fought hard to gain independence from the colonialists adding that the freedom fighters shed their blood for freedom

He noted that Kenyans still suffer persecution and they should be ready to fight through casting their vote next week to save the country from sinking to oppression.

Sasa sio damu, ni kura (This time round no shedding of blood but use of the vote.), said Nduati. He added that if the freedom fighters were able to defeat an imperial power like Britain, then it would be easy to win the battle on October 26 when they cast their vote.

The County Commissioner, John Elungata, assured voters of adequate security during the elections and urged all voters to turn up for the exercise. He also stressed the need to maintain peace in the county and called on for people to dedicate Saturday for the national prayers.

Township Member of County Assembly Jacinta Ng’ang’a also blamed Raila for the current stalemate in the country which she said has led to a standstill of many activities with business people making huge loses. She appealed to every registered voter to turn up and vote and also mobilize their neighbors. We have put in place measures to ensure that the 75,000 registered voters in the county who did not cast their vote during the August 8 elections turn up this time round.

The Association of Mau Mau Veterans, Murang’a County chapter castigated the opposition for taking the country backwards by causing unnecessary tension. They said just like they fought for independence they were ready to fight again to defend that independence.

Through their chairman Ben Kamau, the veterans said those who still think they can use foreign forces to bring down the country forget about leadership.

Source: Kenya News Agency