Elders’ council appeal for peace in the country

Kenya National Council of Elders and Religious leaders from Isiolo County have called on leaders across the country to promote peace and refrain from issuing provocative speeches.

The elders led by National Chairman Mr. Phares Rutere said in Isiolo Sunday that like elders, leaders should mind their language and especially this time when there is political tension that can tear the country apart.

They said the violence that was witnessed in some parts of the country prior and during the repeat polls on October 26 led to loss of lives and property over political differences that could have been averted if leaders had sought peace through dialogue.

Mr. Rutere condemned the chaos and hooliganism and called for dialogue among all the stakeholders so that calm could be restored in the country without waiting to experience worse ethnic hatred.

He appealed to President Kenyatta to explore all possibilities that would enable national cohesiveness.

He added that the elders’ council would soon bring together members from the 47 counties to ensure peace and tranquility prevailed in the country.

The council chairman asked President Kenyatta to accommodate all other Kenyans in his government regardless of their political divide to promote national cohesion.

However, the elders also in a statement read by national treasurer Mr. Ahmed Set called for stop to demonstrations since they had turned out to be destructive to the country.

They appealed to the elders and religious leaders to lead in peace building in all parts of the country and the need for security agencies to use less force in countering violence.

They also warned the youth against being incited by political leaders to violence which can lead to more deaths and destruction of Kenyans’ property.

Isiolo Interfaith branch secretary Bishop Stephen Kalunyu said Kenyans need non-violence means to resolve internal problems.

He called upon Kenyans to continue praying for the country so that God can intervene and have leaders and the citizens love one another and help themselves out of any kind of problems.

Source: Kenya News Agency