Elders Calls for Dialogue

Western Kenya region Council of elders have urged President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA Presidential candidate Raila Odinga to urgently embrace dialogue in order to solve the current political standoff.

Led by their chairman Philip Masinde, the leaders said there is no need of waiting to negotiate when the country is already destroyed.

Even nations fight, whether they win or not they don’t just say all is alright but they sit together and negotiate on the way forward, he said.

Masinde noted that at the moment many leaders are not reasoning soberly but simply utter words that they feel can please their masters without weighing on the consequences.

As elders, we want to say that this must stop, he said adding that any person causing the death of Kenyans thinking he is doing the right thing is not being sincere.

He insisted that dialogue is the final solution and should be kicked off immediately.

For now the public demand that Raila and Uhuru to meet are unlikely to bear results, he said adding that the duo should therefore be assisted by the people they think are sober, sincere; people of high morals and not their sycophants.

The chairman advised the Presidential candidates to select a group of mature leaders like that of Orengo-Kiraitu Murungi select committee or the famous Inter Parliamentary Party Group (IPPG) to sort out the stalemate.

We feel that such a group should come up and be given authority to independently look at the issues currently affecting the nation, he said adding that the agreement reached should be embraced by the concerned parties.

The official at the same time said that Jubilee and NASA should submit minimum demands which can be implanted within the remaining few days to fresh presidential elections.

The select committee with very sober mind we suggest should deal with the issues at hand with the interest of Kenyans at heart within the spirit of give and take so that minimum corrections are done to allow for elections to take place, he said.

The former labour Minister said the issue of coalition government should not be entertained because the constitution is very clear on it.

Let us save our country Kenya, let us be united, let us live peacefully in love and unity and hand over a united Kenya to our children and grandchildren, he said.

Masinde added that there was need to educate Kenyans on how to differentiate between true leaders who put their interests first and not self-seekers.

Our fore-fathers fought for the Independence of this country and they vowed to live in peace as signified by our national anthem, he said adding that anybody instigating to dismantle Kenya is an enemy of the country and its citizens.

Source: Kenya News Agency